Frequently Asked Questions

>How are the structures held together? How do I assemble them?

> Why engineered logs?

A milled log offers a cleaner look than conventional round logs. Milled logs are easy to handle and stack on top each other using a tongue and groove joint with interlocking airtight corners. Each piece is consistent in size, easy to package and transport. Assembly does not require a skilled tradesperson and can be done by almost anyone. Once assembled, milled log buildings have a smooth wood interior and exterior that after applying a wood treatment is ready for paint, varnish or clear coat sealer.

> What is included In the kit?

The kits include all that is needed from ceiling to flooring:
  • treated floor joists
  • 3/4 tongue and groove flooring
  • precision engineered external/internal timber wall logs (no internal lining required)
  • single or double glazed timber windows and doors
  • interior divisional walls (if applicable)
  • interior doors (if applicable)
  • casings
  • baseboards
  • roof beams
  • tongue and groove roof boards (ceiling)
  • deck railings (if applicable)
  • fascia
  • window / door hardware and keys
  • printed assembly instructions
All components are numbered for easy identification and assembly in the correct sequence.

> What is the type of wood used?

European spruce and pine are selected for their quality and the timber is kiln dried, milled and cut to size using computerised cutting machines and then packaged using UV protective plastic. A bar code and scanning system is used to ensure the kits are complete with all the required components for quick and easy assembly.

> Does the timber require the application of preservative, or any other         treatments?

Yes. Ultralast TimberSafe is supplied with all kits and must be applied after assembly but before painting or staining. Application is mandatory for the building warranty to be effective.
Ultralast TimberSafe at a glance:
  • Easy to apply, once-only treatment
  • Protects against fungi, wood rot, termites and borers
  • Fire retardant / resistant - Complies to Australian Standards AS/NZs 1530.3-1999
  • Dramatically increases timber lifespan
  • Is not a pesticide, nor is it an insecticide - it is a non-toxic wood preservative
  • Clear finish
  • Environmentally safe
  • Economical
  • No obnoxious odours
  • 10 year warranty

For more detailed information on the specifications of Ultralast TimberSafe please click here.

> Will a tradesperson be required to complete the project?

The kits are designed for easy assembly and employing a skilled tradesperson for this part of the project is optional. However, infrastructure for utilities such as electricity, phone lines, plumbing and internal fittings such as kitchen, shower and laundry are not included and a suitably qualified tradesperson will be required for installation of these utilities. Depending on the building foundations chosen you may need a builder or concreter to prepare the foundations.

> What do I need to know about assembling the structures?

When you receive your delivery, each package will be clearly marked. Larger models will arrive in 2, 3 or 4 packages. These packages are numbered and should only be opened in sequence for assembly. DO NOT OPEN ALL PACKAGES AT THE SAME TIME. Lay your parts out as best as possible before beginning assembly. Never hammer or pound on the logs joints directly. Included in the package are tapping blocks that can be used to tap down the joints without damaging the materials.
If high winds are a concern, storm rods or cables with turn buckles can be installed on the exterior corners. Secured to the concrete slab or sub floor and brackets on the top log, these can be adjusted to allow for expansion and contraction of the logs. Buildings with double walls or walls more than 58mm or 70mm are supplied with storm rods as standard on each corner.
Although you may use some strategically placed screws, in most structures fasteners should be kept to a minimum. This allows the logs to expand and shrink freely. Should you decide to move your structure this allows you to dismantle with minimal damage.
After the protective plastic has been removed and before assembly the logs should not be left exposed to wet weather or extreme heat as this may cause damage. We recommend covering with a tarpaulin until assembled and the protective coating has been applied.

> What about the roof?

The ceiling is part of the timber kit but the external roofing is not included. We can supply Colorbond roofing and insulation as an optional extra to the kit or you may prefer to contact your local Colorbond dealer. It is cut to suit each individual structure.

> How do I attach the structure to concrete?

To avoid moisture on the bottom logs, a treated base (supplied with the kit) should be anchored to the concrete floor. The first row of logs can then be attached to this base. When using timber sub-floors the first row can be attached directly to the floor. It is recommended to caulk this first row.

> Are building permits required?

Permits may be required, depending on the size of the building. Engineer's drawings are available on request.

> Do building codes need to be met?

Yes. Most building codes are specific to categories of construction that are not related to the shell structure. Our buildings (depending on model) will meet wind loads for most regions. Modifications can be made for specific applications to ensure your structure meets the required specifications. For insulation codes, double wall systems are available allowing you to have the R-value of choice. If required, engineer's drawings are available on request.

> What tools are needed for assembly?

  • Handsaw
  • Screwdriver
  • Battery-powered drill
  • Rubber Hammer
  • Hammer
  • Spirit Level
  • Measuring Tape
  • Drill
  • Carpet Knife
  • Pliers
  • Ladder

> Are the buildings covered by warranty?

Yes, for a period of 5 years. A warranty certificate is provided with the kit (conditions apply).

> Is finance available?

Yes, we can arrange competitive finance to approved purchasers.
Do it yourself cabin - faq's
Do it yourself cabin - faq's
Do it yourself cabin - faq's